UNNO – Amaai

The french trio known as UNNO is back on the blog with their latest release. Amaai came out in November of last year on the iconic Nowadays Records label. Not the freshest release but nonetheless worth a few minutes of your time. Take a peak at our favorites below and head over to bandcamp for a full stream of the album.


Up High Collective – Solitude

We are glad to host Up High Collective again on the blog. They are back with a brand new album entitled Solitude which was released on the Belgian label Tangram Records. As always, we’ve thrown down our favorite songs below and we invite you to attend one of their show to get a full glimpse of what their work is al about.


Dream Wife – Dream Wife

Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to Dream Wife. Their self-titled debut album is a vivid reflection of what they had to go through as all female band trying to make it out in this industry. As they said it themselves in an interview: “It’s about flipping the script on what a girl can be”. We definitely recommend to listen to whole tape in order to get a better understanding of what they mean. If you’d like to see them perform live, they will be doing a show in Leuven in March.


Onra – Nobody Has To Know

Nobody Has To Know is the latest release by the French beatmaker Onra. His fifth album was released few days ago on All City Records. It is described as the story of a secret relationship with all its up and downs. You will have to listen to the whole album in order to decipher this love story. Take a peak below with our three favorite tracks.


Kallidad – The Odyssey

We had the chance to see Kallidad perform live a few months ago and we were completely taken away by their performance. These Aussies define their style as Mexican Mariachi Metal or Trash Flamenco. Hard to imagine what that could sound like, right? Well, you about to find out with our favorites from their latest album The Odyssey. We really hope that one of our festivals will book them in this summer. It would be quite incredible to see them perform at Dour for example. Who knows, maybe one day!


Cherry Glazerr – Apocalipstick

Somehow we completely missed this release when it first came out. We would like to apologize for only sharing it with you now. Apocalipstick is the latest album from the Californian band Cherry Glazerr. We have been following them for a while and were thrilled when we saw that they released an album in early 2017. We definitely messed up on that one. Hopefully, you paid more attention than we did and you have already heard the tracks below. If not, you’ll be as pleased as we were when we discovered this album. If you would like to stream the entire thing head on over to Spotify as bandcamp only lets you stream three tracks.


Seb W & Phil B – Azure Lagoon EP

Coastal Haze treats us with another wonderful EP stamped by their signature beach sound. This one is a collaboration between Seb Wildblood and Philip Budny. They appropriately named their work Azure Lagoon. If you close eyes while listening to this, you’ll most likely picture yourself on a beach looking at the clearest water imaginable. Anyhow, we have thrown down our three favorite tracks below and we invite you to jump over to bandcamp to listen to the remaining track.


Melanie De Biasio – Lilies

Today, we would like to introduce you to the world of Melanie De Biasio through her latest album Lilies. For this one, the Belgian vocalist retreated to a small dark room to let her creativity blossoms. It definitely reflects on the project as there is a sense of darkness in some of her songs. We have featured our favorite tracks below and we invite you to discover the rest of her universe on bandcamp.


TEES – Flow EP

Flow is the latest EP from the Australian duo TEES. They produce unique dreamy pop house sounds as you will soon discover with our favorite tracks from the EP. If you want to hear more from these guys, head over to bandcamp for the two remaining tracks.


Ross From Friends – You’ll Understand

This one is a much older release but didn’t someone somewhere once said that music is timeless? We definitely have been overplaying these tracks recently. It would be selfish of us to not share them with you. So here we are, throwing down our favorite EP from Ross From Friends. If you guys would like to hear more from this very talented producer, he and his friends have a very creative boiler room session. Happy discovery!