Hugo Jay – Spent LP


We tried to dig some info about Hugo Jay but unfortunately we couldn’t acquire anything certain. We think he might be from New Zealand and that Spent is his first release. All we know for sure is that $10 for this LP is a banging bargain. Take a peak at our three favorite tracks below and head over to Coast Coast’s bandcamp page for a stream of the whole LP.



This is hands down our most anticipated release of the year. We’ve been waiting a whole year for LEISURE to release their self titled debut album and after an incredible album release show in Auckland, they have finally done so. We’ve already featured some of their songs in the past but their creativity is too good to let it sit in the archives. So here are our favorite new tracks from the bands as well as some classics of theirs. We highly recommend to get a copy of the album on itunes or at the very least give the whole thing a listen on spotify.

Awir Leon – Giants


Today we’ve got another incredible debut album to feature from the guys over at Nowadays Records. They seemed to have put their hands on another amazing pearl from the hexagon. Proof in hand with our favorite tracks from Awir Leon‘s debut album. Giants definitely deserves to be heard in its entirety so head over to bandcamp for a full stream of the album.

Agar Agar – Cardan EP


A few days ago, the French pop duo going by the name of Agar Agar treated us with their debut EP Cadran. We first discovered them a while ago through their song Prettiest Virgin and we’ve been patiently waiting to hear more. Needless to say that we were not disappointed by the quality of their work. No wonder they are signed under the iconic French label Cracki Records. Anyhow, here are our three favorites and we highly encourage you to jump over to bandcamp to listen to the rest of the EP.

Sukuoia – Flac


Today we would like to introduce you the latest release from the Danish producer Sukuoia. His full-length album was released a few days ago on the notorious label Nowadays Records. We’ve carefully selected our favorites from Flac but we would definitely recommend to check out the whole thing on bandcamp.

The Cancel & DJ Shon – The All Boom


The Cancel and DJ Shon recently teamed up to produce an entire new album called The All Boom. We’ve gathered some of favorites below but we’d like to invite you to check out the whole thing on bandcamp.

Kenny Segal – Kenstrumentals Vol. 2


Today, we would like to introduce you to Kenny Segal through his latest release featuring fifteen instrumentals. The album is called Kenstrumentals Vol. 2: Summer Rarities and is available on bandcamp for a few dollars. Take a listen to our favorite from the american producer and feel free to explore his discography for more beats.

FS&HG – The Flowers In Your Room


The Flowers In Your Room is the latest installment from a duo known across London as Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn. We randomly stumbled upon their music on soundcloud and we were instantly seduced by their atmosphere. As we don’t know much about the artists, we will just let the music speak for itself with our favorite cuts from the project.

Otzeki – Falling Out EP


We’ve been sitting on this EP for a while now. Somehow, we were really excited for the release and we completely missed it. Thankfully, Otzeki just released a new song on soundcloud today and it instantly reminded us that they were supposed to release their debut EP a couple months ago. Anyhow, here are our favorites from Falling Out. And to make it up to you, we promise to feature their debut album as soon as it comes out.

Ever – But I Am


Here is an album by a mysterious american singer going by the name of Ever. With such a generic name and not much else to double cross our research, we were’t able to find anything on this lovely voice. All we know is that But I Am came out in July and it is available for free on the singer’s bandcamp page. Hopefully, we will hear and learn more about her in the next few months. In the meantime, get lost with us in her beautiful world.