Mister T. & Krystian Shek – Sufi Dance / Postbox 1902


Cold Busted is set to release a two track compilation in July featuring a track by Mister T. and a track by Krystian Shek. You will have to wait a couple months to add this one to your library but you can stream both tracks below.

Elsa Hewitt – Cameras From Mars


Cameras From Mars is the debut album from singer, producer and song writer Elsa Hewitt. As you will soon discover, her universe hangs between genres. We let you explore what we mean with some of our favorite cuts from the first leg of her three-album trilogy.

The Blaze – Territory EP


Here is another release that we have been expecting for months. Territory is the debut of the french duo The Blaze. The two cousins have been working on this for more than a year now and the results are pretty outstanding. As if music wasn’t enough, they produce their own amazing videos to accompany their sound. We’ve thrown down our favorites below but once again the EP deserves to be listen to in its entirety. Needless to say that we will keeping a very close eye on them for more music in the upcoming months.

Ménage à Trois – Australia Part III


We have been waiting for months for Ménage à Trois to release this album. It all started about a year ago when we first heard South Seas and ever since we have eagerly been wanting more from the english trio. At last, we can finally share all these wonderful tunes with you. We had to narrow down our selection to the few tracks below but we highly recommend to check out Australia Part III in its entirety on bandcamp. Hopefully we don’t have to wait another year for the next album.

Folamour – Fort Bellefleur EP


A few months ago the french producer known across the hexagon as Folamour released a new EP called Fort Bellefleur on Noire & Blanche records. We’ve featured our favorites below but we highly recommend to check out the whole thing on bandcamp. If you dig these sounds, Folamour has a lot more tracks and EP on his soundcloud page. Give that a go!

Vorace – Bad Start EP


Unknown to us until last week, Vorace is the latest protege of the iconic Flemish label Tangram Records. With a sound that reminds us a lot of The Up high Collective, Vorace sets a name for himself in the Belgian music scene with his new EP Bad Start. Weak speakers be warned, these tunes will definitely blow them out. We recommend using a mean as sound system or you best pair of headphones. Head out to our favorite digital store for the rest of the EP.

Lady Wray – Underneath My Feet b​/​w Guilty


Lady Wray is a singer and song writer from Atlanta, Georgia. She just released a two track follow up to her debut album on bandcamp. We have featured both tracks below and we will certainly keep an eye on her for her next album. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to overplay the tracks below.

Bria Zhanae – Lost In Sound EP


We randomly stumbled upon Bria Zhanae while browsing on soundcloud and her song Lost Love caught our attention. We dug a little deeper and discovered that it was part of a brand new EP called Lost In Sound. After giving the whole thing a couple listens, we decided that it was worthy of sharing. We will certainly keep an eye on her for a debut album!

Harvey Sutherland And Bermuda – Expectations EP


We’ve been following this guys around for a while now. We are glad to finally be able to feature one of his releases. Harvey Sutherland is a Melbourne based producer with great tastes in music. We had the chance to catch him live a few weeks back and he didn’t disappoint. That definitely got us really excited for his next release, which just came out a few days ago on his very own record label Clarity Records. We have featured our favorite tracks from Expectations below but we highly recommend to check out the whole EP on bandcamp.

TITLE – Lotion EP


Today, we are glad to host TITLE for the fifth time with yet another EP. This one is called Lotion and features four new tracks. As always, we have gathered our favorites below and we invite you to discover the remaining one on bandcamp.