Derlee x Des Brennan – Against The Current EP


It’s been quite a while since we had the opportunity to feature Derlee on the blog. He is back on with a brand new collaboration with New York based rapper Des Brennan featuring six new productions. The EP is called Against The Current and you will find our favorite tracks below as well as a link to the whole thing.


Oddisee – Alwasta


Alwasta is the latest EP from the american beatmaker and producer Oddisee. It was released about a month ago on the famous Mellow Music Group label and we’ve been sitting on it ever since. We finally manage to give it the few listens it deserves before selecting our favorites. Apparently Oddisee is coming up with a new instrumental album in May as well a sequel album to The Good Fight in the fall. Which means that you can definitely expect to see his name on the blog again in the next few months. But for now, we will just leave you with our three favorite tracks from Alwasta.


Handbook x RKZ x Supreme Sol – Triad EP


Today, we are glad to feature a brand new release from Handbook. This time the UK based beatmaker teamed up with Supreme Sol and RKZ to produce a brand new EP entitled Triad. You’ll find the EP featured in its entirety below and we invite you to head over to soundcloud to add this one to you favorites.


Revolutionary Rhythm – Raw Rhythm Vol​.​1


Back in 2012, we introduced you to the american duo Revolutionary Rhythm through their album Soul Vibes. Today, they are back on the blog with a brand new release appropriately entitled Raw Rhythm Vol​.​1. The whole thing is up for grab on bandcamp and as usual our favorites are featured below. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait a whole year to hear Volume 2.


OSHUN – “Asase Yaa”


Today, we would like to introduce you the the work of OSHUN through their latest release Asase Yaa. Also known as Thandiwe and Niambi Sala, the two 19 years old met at school in NYC and quickly started producing together. The whole tape is available for free over on datpiff and our favorites are streamable below. If you dig the tunes below, we highly recommend to give the whole thing a listen.


Glints – Glints EP


Today, we have the pleasure to introduce you to an homegrown talent from the city of Antwerp going by the name of Glint. We are honestly pretty impressed by the quality of his self titled debut EP. Somehow, he managed to merge everything we love about the UK rap scene with the signature sounds of our rising Belgian beat scene. Take a listen to our favorite tracks below and head over to soundcloud to listen to the remaining song. We will surely keep a close eye on him in the upcoming months.


Jay Prince – Beautiful Mercy EP


We’ve been watching Jay Prince grow for a while and we are glad to finally be able to feature some of his new songs the blog. Beautiful Mercy is definitely not his first EP but it’s surely one his bests. The EP was released a few days ago and is fully streamable on soundcloud. Take a peak at our favorites cuts below and head over to itunes to score the whole thing.


Awon & Phoniks – Knowledge Of Self


Awon and Phoniks treated us with a new album a couple weeks ago. It’s definitely not the first time that the two artists work together. In fact, Knowledge Of Self is their fourth studio album. We would like to invite you to stream our favorites below and to head over to bandcamp for the rest of the album.


Soul Chef – Good Vibes


Our favorite producer from New Zealand just dropped a new LP a couple days ago through the remarkable french label Délicieuse Records. Good Vibes features a wide array of rappers ranging from Nieve to Awon. We’ve selected some of our favorite cuts below and we invite you to check out the whole release on bandcamp.


Milo – So The Flies Don’t Come


So The Flies Don’t Come is the latest installment form the US based rapper Milo. We’ll let you discover his universe through our favorite tracks but we still invite you to check out the whole thing on bandcamp. We’ll surely be keeping an close eye on this one for any further releases.