Bailey Wiley – S​.​O​.​M​.​M. EP


Still On My Mind is the latest EP from the New Zealand based singer Bailey Wiley. She is already making some big waves around the island but it’s time for her to cross the oceans. We have featured our favorite tracks below but we highly recommend to check out the whole thing on bandcamp.



This is hands down our most anticipated release of the year. We’ve been waiting a whole year for LEISURE to release their self titled debut album and after an incredible album release show in Auckland, they have finally done so. We’ve already featured some of their songs in the past but their creativity is too good to let it sit in the archives. So here are our favorite new tracks from the bands as well as some classics of theirs. We highly recommend to get a copy of the album on itunes or at the very least give the whole thing a listen on spotify.

Ever – But I Am


Here is an album by a mysterious american singer going by the name of Ever. With such a generic name and not much else to double cross our research, we were’t able to find anything on this lovely voice. All we know is that But I Am came out in July and it is available for free on the singer’s bandcamp page. Hopefully, we will hear and learn more about her in the next few months. In the meantime, get lost with us in her beautiful world.

Ta​-​ku & Wafia – (m​)​edian EP


Our favorite Australian producer is back on the blog with a brand new release featuring the beautiful voice of Wafia. Together, her and Ta-ku, have produced an elegant new EP called (m)edian. As always, we’ve thrown down our three favorite tracks below but we invite you to score the whole thing on their bandcamp page.

Xiomara – Seven Nineteen


The other day we randomly stumbled upon this album from the Californian singer Xiomara and we were instantly seduced by her voice. Seven Nineteen was independently released a couple weeks ago through bandcamp. As we don’t know much about Xiomara, we will just leave you with our favorite tracks below.

The Districts – Telephone


After more than a whole year of silence, The Districts are back on the blog with their sophomore album Telephone. We’ve given the whole tape a few listens and we’ve settled down on the three tracks below. Head over to bandcamp if you want to add this one to your collection and don’t hesitate to search for their previous releases. They are all as good as this one.

Sales – Sales LP


Today, we would like to introduce you to the dreamy pop world of the american duo Sales through their brand new eponym LP. We had a hard time narrowing down our selection to only three tracks but we believe that the songs featured below will convince you to give the whole tape a listen. The 15 track LP is available for purchase and streaming over on the band’s page on bandcamp.

RY X – Dawn


Dawn is the latest album of the american singer known as RY X. We were waiting to see if he was going to upload some of the songs on bandcamp or soundcloud but it looks like we are stuck with spotify for the moment. So instead of picking a few favorites, we’ve just thrown down the whole thing below. It definitely deserves to be listened in its entirety anyhow.

Her – Live Tape #1

Her live tape#1

Back in Januray, we introduced you to the french duo Her through their EP entitled Tape #1 and we told you that we would keep an eye on them for you. They are back with a live version of their first EP which features a new cover of the famous Sam Cook song A Change Is Gonna Come as well as a new song. We’ve thrown down the whole thing right below and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for a debut album from these guys.

Patchwork Guilt – Gold Books


We are glad to feature Patchwork Guilt for the third time in less than a year. We first discovered her through Hands Me Down and Edge Of Indigo last July and then a few months later she treated us with her debut album Dreaming Of The Internet. She is back on the blog with a brand new EP called Gold Books. This one showcases four new tracks, three of which are found below, that entirely live up to our expectations when it comes to Patchwork Guilt. Head over to bandcamp to add these lovely tunes to your collection.