Yellow Days – Harmless Melodies EP


Barely 17 years old and already making waves across the music blogosphere. Today, we’d like to introduce you to singer and song writer Yellow Days out of Haslemere in the UK through our favorite tracks from his debut EP Harmless Melodies. Somehow we missed it when it first came out but we are glad that it managed to catch up with it. Take a listen to the tracks below and head over to soundcloud for the whole thing.

Ladi6 – Royal Blue 3000 EP


Royal Blue 3000 is the latest EP from the kiwi electronic soul band Ladi6. These guys have been around for years, and yet, they still find ways to produce relevant contemporary music. The three tracks below should give you an accurate glimpse of their creativity. As always, we invite you to download the whole thing through bandcamp. Ladi6 should be back on the site really soon as they are set to release a new album in August.

Twin Oaks – Collapse EP


We have the pleasure to feature Twin Oaks on the blog again. It’s been almost two years since their debut album White Noise and today they are back with a brand new EP called Collapse. As usual, we have featured our favorite tracks below and we invite you to stream/buy the whole EP on bandcamp.

Her – Tape #2


Back in January of last year, we introduced you to Her and their beautiful Tape #1. Well, as you can guess from the title of this post, they are back with a follow up release. We were sitting on it hoping they would put it up somewhere else than on Spotify, but it doesn’t seem like they will. So for this time, we will just have to stick with Spotify. Head down for our favorites and click this link if you want to add the EP to your collection.

Liz Aku – Ankhor


We are glad to feature another local act on the blog. This time we put the spotlight on singer and song writer Liz Aku from Ghent with her latest release Ankhor. If you like the selection below, we highly recommend to check out the whole album on bandcamp. We will definitely keep an eye on her in the next few months for any tour dates and further releases.

Elsa Hewitt – Cameras From Mars


Cameras From Mars is the debut album from singer, producer and song writer Elsa Hewitt. As you will soon discover, her universe hangs between genres. We let you explore what we mean with some of our favorite cuts from the first leg of her three-album trilogy.

Lady Wray – Underneath My Feet b​/​w Guilty


Lady Wray is a singer and song writer from Atlanta, Georgia. She just released a two track follow up to her debut album on bandcamp. We have featured both tracks below and we will certainly keep an eye on her for her next album. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to overplay the tracks below.

Bria Zhanae – Lost In Sound EP


We randomly stumbled upon Bria Zhanae while browsing on soundcloud and her song Lost Love caught our attention. We dug a little deeper and discovered that it was part of a brand new EP called Lost In Sound. After giving the whole thing a couple listens, we decided that it was worthy of sharing. We will certainly keep an eye on her for a debut album!

ALTA – Sincere EP


It’s been four years since the last time we had the chance to feature ALTA on the site. We are so glad to finally be able to feature them again with their latest EP Sincere. Honestly, the whole thing should be featured below but we had to narrow it down to three tracks. You can stream the rest of their EP on bandcamp and see if you agree with our selection.