Vorace – Bad Start EP


Unknown to us until last week, Vorace is the latest protege of the iconic Flemish label Tangram Records. With a sound that reminds us a lot of The Up high Collective, Vorace sets a name for himself in the Belgian music scene with his new EP Bad Start. Weak speakers be warned, these tunes will definitely blow them out. We recommend using a mean as sound system or you best pair of headphones. Head out to our favorite digital store for the rest of the EP.

Up High Collective – Monomade Ep


The Belgian collective known across the flat land as Up High Collective just released a brand new EP under their emerging label Tangrams Records. Monomade features four new productions from the Leuven based artists. Take a peak at our three favorites below and head over to bandcamp to score the whole thing.

Up High Collective – Phonemica EP


We are very excited to be able to host the Up High Collective on the blog again with their brand new EP entitled Phonemica. The whole thing was released on the up and rising label Tangrams Records out of Leuven. Make sure to plug in your fattest sound system for the three songs below and head over to soundcloud for the remaining track.

Trinix – Own


A few months ago, the French duo going by the name of Trinix released their debut album Own. These two producers from Lyon take us on a journey back in time through mesmerizing samples and they bring us right back to reality with their own version of the songs. Honestly, you should take the time to listen to the whole album but if you still don’t trust us, you can take a listen at our favorites first. They should be back on the blog really soon, as they are currently working on their new EP.

TEK.LUN – Ridin’ Round 2 EP


The American producer TEK.LUN is back on the blog with a brand new tape entitled Ridin’ Round 2. If you’ve been paying attention to our soundcloud account, you’ve probably heard some of the songs below. This tape gathers some of his classics from 2015 as well as some new bangers. Apparently, he is set to release a new debut LP in early 2016. Needless to say that we’ll keep a close eye on him for next couple months.

Bonzai – Royal EP


Today, we’d like to introduce you to the world of Bonzai through our favorites cuts from her debut EP Royal. This four track EP came out at the beginning of the month on Anchor Point. We highly recommend to plug in your fattest speakers in order to truly enjoy the three tracks below. She is definitely going to be on the top 10 for our “To watch list” for 2016.

Indian Summer – Late Night EP


About a year ago, we introduced you to the Australian electronic duo Indian Summer through their Shiner EP. Today, they are back on the blog with a brand new four track EP entitled Late Night. If you are following us closely on soundcloud, you might have heard some of these tracks already. If not, here are our three favorites and the remaining one is available on Indian Summer‘s soundcloud page.

Golden Features – XXIV EP


So we don’t know how we missed this release as Golden Featureslast EP was one of our favorite in 2014. It completely flew under our radar. Anyhow, as you can guess, the Australian producer is back at it again with a new EP entitled XXIV. As always, you’ll find our three favorites below and the remaining track on Golden Featuressoundcloud account.

Mr. Carmack – White EP


Back in August of this year, Mr. Carmack released his highly anticipated Red EP. Well, he recently surprised everybody with a follow up EP entitled White EP. Once again, he is giving it away for free but this time he chose to go through the up and coming Gumroad platform. Take a peak at our favorites below and grab your own .wav version of the EP on Gumroad.

Braeden Bailey – Requiem


Braeden Bailey has been getting a lot of attention lately so we decided to check out his discography and we found this little germ called Requiem. This album came out in May of this year and it’s available for free on our favorite digital record shop. Once again, we’ve carefully handpicked our favorite tunes below.