Harvey Sutherland And Bermuda – Expectations EP


We’ve been following this guys around for a while now. We are glad to finally be able to feature one of his releases. Harvey Sutherland is a Melbourne based producer with great tastes in music. We had the chance to catch him live a few weeks back and he didn’t disappoint. That definitely got us really excited for his next release, which just came out a few days ago on his very own record label Clarity Records. We have featured our favorite tracks from Expectations below but we highly recommend to check out the whole EP on bandcamp.

TITLE – Lotion EP


Today, we are glad to host TITLE for the fifth time with yet another EP. This one is called Lotion and features four new tracks. As always, we have gathered our favorites below and we invite you to discover the remaining one on bandcamp.

DKVPZ – Soulection White Label: 019

DKVPZ - Soulection White Label- 019

It’s been a while since we’ve had the chance to feature a White Label release from Soulection. This time the iconic Californian label decided to put DKVPZ under the spotlight. You can grab the latest EP from the Brazilian duo on Soulection website for free. We’ve featured our three favorites below and we invite to head over to soundcloud for the remaining track.

Clement Bazin – Us EP

clément bazin

Clement Bazin is back on the blog with a three track EP entitled Us. We have featured the whole thing below and we invite you to keep on eye on his social media for a chance to see him perform live.

Florian Muller – Finally EP


As you’ve probably noticed from the last five years, we usually tend to feature entire songs on the blog. However, with today’s evolving technologies and copy right infringements, it’s getting harder and harder to be able to listen to entire EP’s online. Which brings us up to today’s feature with a sneak peak of Florian Muller‘s latest EP. Unfortunately, we can only feature two minutes of each songs, but honestly that’s more than enough to convince you to buy the whole thing. If you are still not convinced by the samples below, head over to youtube and have a go at the full length release. Otherwise, click on and get your own copy from Juno.

Promises ltd. – Promises ltd EP

promises ltd

We try our best to bring you the latest underground music from all around the world, but unfortunately like most of you guys we are restrained by time and often end up missing out on a lot of stuff. Once in a while, we stumble upon releases like this one, wondering how we missed it in the first place. Anyhow, we are glad to finally be able to feature the latest EP from an American band called Promised ltd. Their self titled debut EP features four tracks, three of which are available below. If you want to have a go at the remaining track, head over to soundcloud.

RΔL – Perspective


Let us introduce you to RΔL, a Spanish Future Bass producer from the city of Seville though his latest EP Perspective. It came out a few days ago on Gramatik‘s label Lowtemp. We’ve had a got at the six tracks and settled down on the three below. Head over to soundcloud if you want to listen to the rest of the EP.

Parra For Cuva – Mood In C EP


We are glad to feature another release by the talented Parra For Cuva. Mood In C was released a few days ago through the german label Project Mooncircle. As usual, we have selected our favorites below and we invite you to scope the whole thing on bandcamp. Apparently, we shouldn’t wait too long before we have the chance to feature him again as he his working on a joint project with Others.