Ill Camille – Heirloom


Heirloom is the latest album from the California native emcee Ill Camille. It was released last month on Jakarta Records and it’s available for purchase on bandcamp. She is definitely one of the best female rappers that we’ve been exposed to in the last year. Have a go at our favorites below and give her your support on facebook.

Her – Tape #2


Back in January of last year, we introduced you to Her and their beautiful Tape #1. Well, as you can guess from the title of this post, they are back with a follow up release. We were sitting on it hoping they would put it up somewhere else than on Spotify, but it doesn’t seem like they will. So for this time, we will just have to stick with Spotify. Head down for our favorites and click this link if you want to add the EP to your collection.

Strangers Of Necessity – The Layover


The Layover is the latest album from the american rap duo Strangers Of Necessity. We have listened to the whole thing a few times and finally settled down on the three tracks below. However, we would still like to invite you to listen to the whole tape on Radio Juicy’s bandcamp page.

Manuel Darquart – Slush EP


Last time we featured Manuel Darquart on the blog we promised that we would keep an eye on him for you. We are stoked to feature him again with his latest EP Slush released on Childsplay. We’ve embedded the EP in its entirety below and you can download it for free via bandcamp.

Liz Aku – Ankhor


We are glad to feature another local act on the blog. This time we put the spotlight on singer and song writer Liz Aku from Ghent with her latest release Ankhor. If you like the selection below, we highly recommend to check out the whole album on bandcamp. We will definitely keep an eye on her in the next few months for any tour dates and further releases.

Lou Phelps – 001: Experiments


Canadian rapper Lou Phelps recently released a eight track EP entitled 001:Experiments featuring productions from the likes of Kaytranada and Tek.Lun. Find our favorites tunes below and head over to bandcamp for the rest of the tape.

Mister T. & Krystian Shek – Sufi Dance / Postbox 1902


Cold Busted is set to release a two track compilation in July featuring a track by Mister T. and a track by Krystian Shek. You will have to wait a couple months to add this one to your library but you can stream both tracks below.

Elsa Hewitt – Cameras From Mars


Cameras From Mars is the debut album from singer, producer and song writer Elsa Hewitt. As you will soon discover, her universe hangs between genres. We let you explore what we mean with some of our favorite cuts from the first leg of her three-album trilogy.