Roosevelt – Midnight Versions EP


Today, we have the pleasure to feature our favorite tracks from Rooselvet‘s latest release. The man remixed himself and gave some of his tunes from his self titled debut album more room to breath. The result can be found below and they are available for free on bandcamp.


Yellow Days – Harmless Melodies EP


Barely 17 years old and already making waves across the music blogosphere. Today, we’d like to introduce you to singer and song writer Yellow Days out of Haslemere in the UK through our favorite tracks from his debut EP Harmless Melodies. Somehow we missed it when it first came out but we are glad that it managed to catch up with it. Take a listen to the tracks below and head over to soundcloud for the whole thing.


Jonwayne – Rap Album Two


The american rapper Jonwayne recently released his fifth studio album on his own label Authors Recording Company. We’ve taken our favorites from Rap Album Two and featured them below. If you like these sounds, we highly recommend to dig deeper into his discography.


Leon Revol – Embers EP.


Today, we would like to introduce you to a french producer going by the name of Leon Revol through his latest EP Embers. We’ve been sitting on this one for a while, playing it every time the suns shows up. As summer is in full blast in the northern hemisphere, it’s only fair for us to share these tunes with you. Have a peak below and head to soundcloud for one more.


Two Another – EP Two


About a year ago, we introduced you guys to Two Another with their first EP. Even though we were secretly hoping for a debut album, we are glad to finally be able to share some new music with you. We’ve featured below our favorites from their EP Two and we can assure you that we will be keeping a close eye on them for that much anticipated debut album.


Ladi6 – Royal Blue 3000 EP


Royal Blue 3000 is the latest EP from the kiwi electronic soul band Ladi6. These guys have been around for years, and yet, they still find ways to produce relevant contemporary music. The three tracks below should give you an accurate glimpse of their creativity. As always, we invite you to download the whole thing through bandcamp. Ladi6 should be back on the site really soon as they are set to release a new album in August.


Tell – Faster Than Light EP


Today, we have the pleasure to introduce you to a rising French producer by the name of Tell. He recently released his second EP Faster Than Light, and as you will soon discover below, it’s got that perfect summer vibe to get your party going. We’ve dropped our three favorites below and we invite you to head to soundcloud for the rest. He recently made an hour mixtape, filled with unreleased songs, for Coastal Haze. We will certainly keep an eye out for these tracks.