Parra For Cuva – Mood In C EP


We are glad to feature another release by the talented Parra For Cuva. Mood In C was released a few days ago through the german label Project Mooncircle. As usual, we have selected our favorites below and we invite you to scope the whole thing on bandcamp. Apparently, we shouldn’t wait too long before we have the chance to feature him again as he his working on a joint project with Others.

Nao – For All We Know The Remixes EP


Back in Novembre of last year, Nao released her critically acclaimed debut album For All We Know. A few days ago the released an EP with five remixes of some of her most famous songs by artists like SBTRKT, Kaytranada, Mura Masa, Loxe and Sam Gellaitry. You’ll find our favorite three below and the rest on soundcloud.

ALTA – Sincere EP


It’s been four years since the last time we had the chance to feature ALTA on the site. We are so glad to finally be able to feature them again with their latest EP Sincere. Honestly, the whole thing should be featured below but we had to narrow it down to three tracks. You can stream the rest of their EP on bandcamp and see if you agree with our selection.

Nikitch – All The Best EP


All The Best is the latest EP from the french producer Nikitch. It was released a few months ago under Cascade Records. We’ve have hand picked our favorites below but we still invite you to take a peak at the whole EP on bandcamp.

Jumo – Etape


Back in June of last year, we introduced you to the french producer Jumo though his Nomade EP. We have the pleasure to feature him again with a two tracks release entitled Etape. We’ve put the whole thing below and we invite you to add him to your watch-list as he is set to be releasing a new EP in the next few months.

Mr. Clasik – Timeless


Today, we would like to introduce you to one of our homegrown talent through his independently released debut album. Mr. Clasik is an up and coming rapper from Brussels, Belgium. In last December he released Timeless and it had clearly not been getting enough attention. Make sure to download the whole thing for free on bandcamp and give the guy a thumbs up on facebook. He won’t fly under the radar for much too long, that’s certain.

Vanilla – Moonlight


It’s been almost two years since we’ve had the pleasure to feature Vanilla on the site. He is back with a follow up album entitled Moonlight. We’ve gathered our favorites below but we highly recommend to check out the whole thing on bandcamp.

Chaos In The CBD – Accidental Meetings EP


After months of silence, we are back at it with another release from the islands of New Zealand. Chaos In The CBD make their return on the blog with their brand new EP Accidental Meetings. They have also just started their own label, In Dust We Trust, so we can expect a few more releases from them and their friends in the next few months. We will certainly keep an eye on them for you.