Bailey Wiley – S​.​O​.​M​.​M. EP


Still On My Mind is the latest EP from the New Zealand based singer Bailey Wiley. She is already making some big waves around the island but it’s time for her to cross the oceans. We have featured our favorite tracks below but we highly recommend to check out the whole thing on bandcamp.

Buddy Love – Mango Peach LP


Depending where you are in the world, summer is either right around the corner or right behind you. Regardless, this new album from Buddy Love will bring you right in the heat of summer. Mango Peach came out  last month on the UK label Costal Haze. With two of their three releases already featured on the website, Costal Haze definitely made it to the top of our watch-list for this year. Have a peak at our favorites below and head over to bandcamp to stream the rest of the album.

Duñe – Leos EP


The French producer Duñe is back on the blog with a brand new EP entitled Leos. It came out last month on the uprising label La Roche Musique. As always, we’ve selected our favorite tracks below and we invite you to listen to the remaining song on soundcloud.