Up High Collective – Monomade Ep


The Belgian collective known across the flat land as Up High Collective just released a brand new EP under their emerging label Tangrams Records. Monomade features four new productions from the Leuven based artists. Take a peak at our three favorites below and head over to bandcamp to score the whole thing.

TITLE – Ignorance Is Bliss EP


It took less than a month for TITLE to be featured on the blog again. He is back at it with a brand new EP entitled Ignorance Is Bliss. We’ve carefully selected our favorites from the Belgian producer and we invite you to buy the whole thing on bandcamp for a mere 5€.

Superpoze – Gleam/Shelter


Superpoze recently dropped a two track release through his very own label Combien Mille Records. The two songs are respectively called Gleam and Shelter. We hope this means that we can expect a full length release from the french producer within the year. We will certainly keep an eye on him for you.

Clement Bazin – Return To Forever EP


Today we have another release from the boys over at Nowadays Record. This time they decided to put the spotlight on the french producer Clement Bazin with his latest EP Return To Forever. Apparently, he has been getting a lot of attention on spotify with his track With You reaching over 1 million plays. Take a listen below and see for yourself what the hype is all about and head over to Nowadays’ website to score the whole thing.

Fhin – A Crack In The Eyes EP


If you have been paying close attention to our soundcloud account, you are probably already pretty familiar with the name Fhin. We’ve been eagerly waiting for this EP ever since we first discovered him last year. He has been slowly gathering a lot of hype all over the internet and it’s finally time for the french producer to show what he is all about. Fhin released his debut EP A Crack In The Eyes under the iconic label Délicieuse Musique. There is no doubt in our minds that he is about to become incredibly famous, so remember where you heard him first. Head over to bandcamp for the rest of the EP.

Moods – A Beautiful Mind EP


The Dutch beatmaker known across the flat land as Moods is back on the blog with a brand new four track EP entitled A Beautiful Mind. As always, we’ve featured our favorite tracks below and we invite you to head over to Boogie Angst’s bandcamp page to grab a copy this EP for your own collection.

Kuage – A Part Of You EP


We’d like to introduce you to the soothing world of Kuage through their latest EP A Part Of You. Kuage is composed of the french producer Superpoze and his acolyte Adrien Lepêtre. The EP is featured in its entirety below and is available for purchase on bandcamp. Where you can even listen to an extended version of the track A Part Of You.

Tour De Manège : Spécial Cultiz


The international collectif of beatmakers known as Tour De Manège recently produced an entire tape for the webzine Cultiz. We’ve featured our three favorite beats below and we invite you to stream the entire thing on Cultiz’s bandcamp. We’ll be on the lookout for any new releases from these guys.

Jumo – Nomade EP


Here is another great release to add to Nowadays Record’s collection. This one is by a mysterious french producer going by the name of Jumo. We had the chance to discover him a while back on one of the Nowadays compilation with his track Aléa. Anyhow, Nomade features some of the freshest sounds we’ve heard in a while. Take a peak at our favorites below and make sure to head over to soundcloud to listen to the rest of the EP.

UNNO – As We Land EP


As We Land is the debut EP from a french trio known across the hexagon as UNNO. The three producers have been picked up by the famous label Nowadays Record, leading us to expect great things from them in a very near future. In the meanwhile, we will let you discover their universe with our favorite tracks from As We Land.