Handbook – Days EP


Once again we are delighted to host one of our favorite producers on the blog with his latest EP. Handbook recently released Days through his bandcamp account and as usual he is giving it away for free.

Two Another – EP One


Today, we would like to introduce you to the world of Two Another through their debut EP entitled EP1. This releases features the three tracks below and it leaves us hungry for more. There is no doubt that we can expect a debut album before the end of year. So while we keep an eye on the band, fell free to abuse the play button on the tracks below.

Oddisee – Alwasta


Alwasta is the latest EP from the american beatmaker and producer Oddisee. It was released about a month ago on the famous Mellow Music Group label and we’ve been sitting on it ever since. We finally manage to give it the few listens it deserves before selecting our favorites. Apparently Oddisee is coming up with a new instrumental album in May as well a sequel album to The Good Fight in the fall. Which means that you can definitely expect to see his name on the blog again in the next few months. But for now, we will just leave you with our three favorite tracks from Alwasta.

Patchwork Guilt – Gold Books


We are glad to feature Patchwork Guilt for the third time in less than a year. We first discovered her through Hands Me Down and Edge Of Indigo last July and then a few months later she treated us with her debut album Dreaming Of The Internet. She is back on the blog with a brand new EP called Gold Books. This one showcases four new tracks, three of which are found below, that entirely live up to our expectations when it comes to Patchwork Guilt. Head over to bandcamp to add these lovely tunes to your collection.

Silentjay x Jace XL – Sacrifice


Silentjay and Jace XL recently teamed up to produce a mini album entitled Sacrifice. We gave the whole tape a few listens and we settled down on the three tracks below. However, we would still like to encourage to support these two Melbourne based artists by buying your own copy of their work on Rhythm Section International’s bandcamp page.

Eliza Shaddad – Run EP


The British singer and song writer Eliza Shaddad recently released a new EP on Beatnik Records. Run is our first introduction to the gal behind the microphone and we have to admit that the three tracks below left us hungry for more. Hopefully, you will agree with us after listening to the whole EP.

Morly – Something More Holy EP


Morly, here is a name that you will probably hear a lot in the next few months. She is a singer, song writer and producer from Los Angeles and she recently released an incredible four track EP entitled Something More Holy. As you soon discover with our favorite cuts below, her universe his quite unique. We highly recommend to spend the $4 to add this EP to your collection. Actually, you might even want to give her more, maybe that way we won’t have to wait too long for a debut album.

Nosaj Thing – No Reality


Today, we are glad to welcome back Nosaj Thing on the blog with his latest EP No Reality. We have featured our three favorites below and we invite you to head over to bandcamp to listen to the two remaining songs. Hopefully, we can expect a full length release from Nosaj Thing in the next few months. We will certainly keep a close eye on him for you.

Beatboxbandit – All The Time


Beatboxbandit is a mysterious beatmaker from San Luis Obispo in California. As this is pretty much the only thing we could find out about him, we’ll just let the music speak for itself with our favorite cuts from his latest release entitled All The Time. As usual, you can stream the rest of the album on bandcamp.

Chillhop Essentials – Spring 2016


Chillhop Records wanted to celebrate the start of the spring so they released a new compilation featuring some of their best artists as well as other acclaimed beatmakers such as Handbook, L’indécis, Soulchef, Flofiz and many more. We spent a few hours trying to figure out our favorites and we finally settled down on the three tracks below. However, we would still like to invite you to listen to the whole tape on bandcamp. We’ll keep an eye on all of them for you!