The Cancel – Jungle


Our friend The Cancel is back on the blog with a brand new release called Jungle. As usual, the Ukrainian producer doesn’t disappoint and delivers ten refreshing beats. We have carefully selected our favorites but we would still like to invite you to listen to the whole tape on bandcamp. If this is your kind of sound, we also highly recommend to check out all his previous releases.

Up High Collective – Phonemica EP


We are very excited to be able to host the Up High Collective on the blog again with their brand new EP entitled Phonemica. The whole thing was released on the up and rising label Tangrams Records out of Leuven. Make sure to plug in your fattest sound system for the three songs below and head over to soundcloud for the remaining track.

BLVNT Records – Believe In It


BLVNT Records recently released a compilation of beats from various artists throughout the world entitled Believe In It. It took us a while to pick out our favorites but we finally settled down on the three tracks below. Feel free to listen to the whole thing on bandcamp and rest assure that we will follow up on all these new artists.

Stumbleine – Echo Chamber


We first discovered Stumbleine back in 2012 when he released his Spiderwebbed ablum. We’ve been keeping an eye on him since then and we had the chance to feature him a few time through the last few years. Well, he is back again on the blog with a brand new release entitled Echo Chamber. As you will soon discover with our favorite tracks, his dreamy universe hasn’t change at all. There is no doubt that he will be featured again!

Flamingosis – Great Hair


It’s been almost a year since we first featured Flamingosis on the blog with his album Kahunastyle. Well, today we are very happy to welcome him back on the blog with a brand new release entitled Great Hair. As always, we have handpicked our favorites below and we highly recommend to grab the whole thing for free over at bandcamp.

Beshken – Closed Doors EP


Today, we would like to introduce you to the american producer Beshken through our favorite songs from his latest EP. Closed Doors was released earlier this month through bandcamp as a free download. We will surely keep an eye on him in case he decides to drop a full length release this year.

Trinix – Own


A few months ago, the French duo going by the name of Trinix released their debut album Own. These two producers from Lyon take us on a journey back in time through mesmerizing samples and they bring us right back to reality with their own version of the songs. Honestly, you should take the time to listen to the whole album but if you still don’t trust us, you can take a listen at our favorites first. They should be back on the blog really soon, as they are currently working on their new EP.

Revolutionary Rhythm – Raw Rhythm Vol​.​1


Back in 2012, we introduced you to the american duo Revolutionary Rhythm through their album Soul Vibes. Today, they are back on the blog with a brand new release appropriately entitled Raw Rhythm Vol​.​1. The whole thing is up for grab on bandcamp and as usual our favorites are featured below. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait a whole year to hear Volume 2.

Beacon – Escapement LP


Beacon is no stranger on wλved, we have featured their debut album The Way We Separate as well as their follow up EP L1. The american duo is back with a brand new LP entitled Escapement. Technically, the EP hasn’t been released yet but it has been available for streaming for the past few days. Listen to our favorites cuts below and head over to the Ghostly Store on February 1st to acquire your own physical copy of the LP.

Mounika – Seagulls EP


Mounika is a french producer from Orléans whom recently released a new EP entitled Seagulls. We have handpicked our favorites below and we would like to invite you to download the whole thing for free on his bandcamp account. We will definitely keep an eye on Mounika for any further releases.