Lemaitre – 1749 EP


After two years since their last EP, the Norwegian duo Lemaitre is finally back on the blog with a brand new release. This one is entitled 1749 and features five new productions. We have gathered our three favorites below and we invite you head over to Soundcloud to listen to the rest of the EP.

Eastern Bloc – Flamingo EP


Today, we would like to introduce you to a duo going by the name of Eastern Bloc from the remote north island of New Zealand. They recently dropped a new EP entitled Flamingo which is almost featured in its entirety below. The two remaining tracks can be streamed on their soundcloud page. We would suggest to plug in your fattest speakers in order to truly enjoy their work.

Her – Tape #1


The mysterious French band going by the name of Her would like to tell you about a beautiful girl they met on a hot summer day through their brand new EP called Tape #1. As we haven’t been able to discover much about the band, we will just let the music speak for itself with our favorites below. You can get her whole story over on soundcloud and you can be sure that we will keep a close eye on Her for you in the upcoming months.

RÜFÜS – Bloom


We have been patiently waiting for this album to come out for months now and we are really excited to finally be able to share it with you. We discovered RÜFÜS a couple years ago though their debut album Atlas. Needless to say that they instantly became on of our favorite artists. We have been craving new music for the last two years and today the band just released their sophomore album. We highly recommend to check out Bloom in its entirety on bandcamp, but first we’d like you to take a listen to our favorites cuts below.

Nowadays – Vol​.​5 (Winter Tape)


The iconic french label Nowadays Records is back on the blog with another compilation of talented artists from all over the world. We gave the tape a few listens and we finally settled down on the few tracks below. You can rest assured that we will keep an eye on all the artists featured below in the hope a forthcoming release from their part. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to check out the whole thing on bandcamp.

Saje – Freefallin Dreams EP


The french duo Saje finally released their debut EP. We have been following these guys for a while now and we are really excited to finally be able to share our favorite tracks from Freefallin Dreams. The EP is available for purchase on itunes and the whole thing is streamable on soundcloud. Make sure to check out the two remixes on the EP and don’t hesitate to overplay the three tunes below, as they will probably never get old. We will keep an eye on them for a whole release in the next few months.

Sango – Mais Mais Mais EP


Sango is back on the blog with three new tunes from his most recent EP Mais Mais Mais. We weren’t expecting to feature him again on the blog this soon, as he just released Da Rocinha 3 a couple months ago. Anyhow, here is the EP in its entirety with a special mix of Bryson Tiller‘s famous song Don’t featuring Chris McClenney.

BSN Posse & Stayhigh – Southern Trax


Today, we would like to introduce you to two new artists through their split EP entitled Southern Trax. BSN Posse and Stayhigh released this EP a few months ago on Modern Ruin Records. We have handpicked our favorites below but we still recommend to check out the entire thing on bandcamp if you can.

Kassett – U (MM001)

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 00.58.56 copy

Today, we would like to introduce you to an homegrown talent going by the name of Kasset. He is a pretty mysterious producer from the outskirts of Belgium. All we know is that his latest release is called U and that he came out on a rather intriguing label called MM000. Anyhow, his productions are quite amazing, as you’ll soon discover below with our favorite, but make sure to plug in your best sound system. It will definitely improve the whole experience

TEK.LUN – Ridin’ Round 2 EP


The American producer TEK.LUN is back on the blog with a brand new tape entitled Ridin’ Round 2. If you’ve been paying attention to our soundcloud account, you’ve probably heard some of the songs below. This tape gathers some of his classics from 2015 as well as some new bangers. Apparently, he is set to release a new debut LP in early 2016. Needless to say that we’ll keep a close eye on him for next couple months.