Astronauts, etc. – Mind Out Wandering


Mind Out Wandering is the latest album from the Californian singer and song writer Astronauts, etc. As usual, we’ve carefully selected our favorite tunes and we invite you to listen to the rest of the release on bandcamp. We’ll make sure to add him to our watch list for you!

Oh Pep! – Living EP


Olivia Hally and Pepita Emmerichs, the two girls behind Oh Pep!, released a new EP a few days ago on Barely Dressed Records. Living features four new tracks from the Australian duo, three of which are streamable right below, and as usual, the remaining song is available on bandcamp.

Slow Corpse – Hound EP

a1100283166_10 Hound is the debut EP from the alternative indie band Slow Corpse out of Ashland in Oregon. The EP was released as a name your price earlier this month on bandcamp. We’ve highlighted our three favorites tracks below and we promise to keep a close eye on them for their debut album. We hope to be able to feature them again in the upcoming months.

Patchwork Guilt – Dreaming On The Internet


Back in July, we introduced you to Phoenix Mundy, aka Patchwork Guilt, and we mentioned that she was working on a debut album. We’ve been looking forward to this release for a while now and we are glad to finally be able to feature it. We’ve handpicked three of our favorites tracks from Dreaming On The Internet but honestly you have to listen to the whole thing to give it any justice. Once again, we highly recommend to add this chef d’oeuvre to your collection.

Woodes x Elkkle – Woodes x Elkkle EP


The electronic indie pop artist Woodes and Elkkle from Australia recently teamed up to produce a four track EP entitled Woodes x Elkkle. As we don’t know much more about this mysterious duo, we’ll let the music speak for itself with our three favorites tracks. If you want to find out more about them, start your research on bandcamp.

Jay Prince – Beautiful Mercy EP


We’ve been watching Jay Prince grow for a while and we are glad to finally be able to feature some of his new songs the blog. Beautiful Mercy is definitely not his first EP but it’s surely one his bests. The EP was released a few days ago and is fully streamable on soundcloud. Take a peak at our favorites cuts below and head over to itunes to score the whole thing.

Audio Dope – Solar


Solar is the third EP from the Swiss based producer Audio Dope. It was release earlier this week on the hip-hop label Boyoom Connective. According to them, we can expect a full length release in the new few months. Until then, don’t hesitate to stream the EP in its entirety below or head over to bandcamp to add this one to your library.

Mophono x The Gaslamp Killer – Murder Man


Mophono and The Gaslamp Killer recently teamed up to produce a two track EP entitled Murder Man. We’ve feature the EP in its entirety below but we would still like to invite you to acquire it through our favorite digital store.

Sango – Da Rocinha 3


Sango is back with a brand new edition of his Da Rochinha series. The third opus came out earlier this month on Soulection and features great names such as Chirs McClenney, Elhae, Esta and Jarreau Vandall. We highly recommend to take a listen to the whole thing on bandcamp after checking out our three favorites below.

Maximus MMC & FAB – Kinship


We weren’t able to find out much about Maximus MMC and FAB except that they are both from Paris. They recently teamed up to release a new EP on Flow-Fi records called Kinship. As always, we’ve handpicked our favorite below but we still recommend to check out the remaining track on bandcamp.